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Our company, which was established in Denizli in 2015, continues its activities with the aim of being the starting point of the products that will form the foundations of the future. We support the national development movement around the world by contributing to the production power of our country. We provide permanent solutions to the needs of the Construction & Building sector by giving a different breath. We increase the mechanical properties and durability of concrete with the Macro synthetic fiber reinforcement we have produced in this way, which we set out with the awareness of domestic production, compared to the high-cost steel wire and steel mesh products.

Macro synthetic fiber reinforcement, which we produce from macro structural synthetic fiber, can be used in all mining, construction and tunnel applications. It succeeds in increasing the resistance of the concrete by increasing the bearing capacity of the concrete. We eliminate the deadlocks in the sector by offering more functional and more cost-effective products instead of traditional reinforcements.

In addition to taking part in major projects in our country, we continuously maintain our forward-looking speed with our exports abroad. We will continue to offer and produce accurate and reliable solutions with our high-tech products...

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